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Prestige Architecture Design

Marmont’s beauty lies in the subtly and simplicity of its design. While discernibly modern, the façade is timelessly uncomplicated, exhibiting dark brickwork and smooth timber curves.

Each town home is stepped at its own level, emphasising a sense of individuality while presenting a unique, sloped form to the street interface.

Flourishes of greenery ornament the facade, bringing a softness to the appearance of the exterior.

A recurrent motif witnessed throughout Marmont is the archway, a shape witnessed both internally and externally. This element echoes the softness introduced by the curves on the façade, while lending a timeless and somewhat enchanting feel to the overall design.

‘When designing Marmont, our underpinning intention was to retain that sense of individuality found in a traditional stand-alone house. As such, these homes are generously appointed and complete with unique, considered features not often seen in a multi-residential development.’